Sunday, January 14, 2018

Handmade Holiday 2017

Happy 2018!  I wanted to write a post on some of these things prior to Christmas so that they might be the inspiration for some last minute gifts but time got away from me.  I guess they will have to be next year's inspiration.  I have had so much fun making gifts for Lyla since she was born and now I get to do the same for Ana as well.  

First up: Christmas PJs.  Now the pajamas weren't actually Christmas gifts but I made them for the girls to wear on Christmas.  It is so fun to see Lyla getting to wake up Christmas morning and see her Santa gifts while wearing a cute pair of Christmas pjs.  

I made Lyla a pair of Movie Night Pajamas by Sew A Little Seam just like last year.  
This year I decided to make them entirely out of the deer fair isle Christmas fabric from Girl Charlee with the exception of the cuffs on the sleeves and ankles.  I seriously love this pattern so much and plan to make tons more of these babies.  In fact, I may never buy the girls any pajamas as they get older.  Here is a picture of my cutie in her Christmas pjs on Christmas morning:
Of course I couldn't leave Ana out of the Christmas pj fun!

I decided to make her a pair of Lullaby Line Snap Pajamas from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.  I really liked this pattern too.  I did make one mistake when I was sewing the gusset.  I was using my serger to sew the legs together and I accidentally cut right through the gusset.  Oops!  They still look cute though!  I don't have a picture of Ana wearing hers on Christmas because she blew out her diaper right away!
I did get a picture of her with her Christmas headband that I made when we had her snuggled into her carseat to head over to my parent's house.  I used this knot bow pattern and tutorial from Coral + Co.  It was a quick and easy sew.  

Here are my sweet girls together in their pajamas:

Next I will share with you the gifts that I made for the girls. 
For Ana I made a bandana scarf and a pair of harem pants.  For the bandana bib I used this tutorial and pattern from See Kate Sew.  It was a very easy project and I LOVE the mini pom pom trim.  Also this mustard dot fabric is the best.  Unfortunately Girl Charlee no longer has this fabric.

These harem pants from Made By Me Patterns was seriously the easiest pair of pants that I have ever made.  So simple and so cute!

Now for Lyla's present:

This adorable soft structure baby carrier is called The Mini and it is by Sew Toot Patterns.  Sew Toot makes patterns for actual baby carriers that are so amazing.  If I had the time I might just try my hand at the real thing!  They also have a pattern for a baby nest like a Dock a Tot which would be fun to make too.  The instructions for the pattern were so easy to follow and this really came together quickly.  I had so much fun sewing it and I think I might make a few of these to sell in my Etsy Shop. I made the carrier with grey canvas fabric and this lovely Michael Miller print for the accent piece. The Michael Miller fabric was on clearance at Hobby Lobby which made it even more awesome!
Lyla had fun wearing her new Thundar stuffed animal on Christmas day.  Go Bison!

I hope you feel inspired by this round up of handmade holiday items!  Hopefully I will get a chance to write a post about Ana's advent baptism brunch soon!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Scandinavian Inspired Stockings

Today I am sharing my Christmas stockings that were inspired by Scandinavian folk art with you.  I think that they look just perfect hanging over the fireplace which I wrote about in my last post.  I couldn't find any stockings that I liked in stores so I decided to make my own.  I was inspired by this Scandinavian looking stocking that I saw on Pinterest:
I made the stockings following this tutorial from the Fabricworm Blog.  It was very simple to follow.  I chose natural linen fabric for the main body of the stocking and white linen fabric for the cuff.  For the designs on the cuff I used my Silhouette Portrait and red heat transfer vinyl.  I used this design for a nordic bunting and just separated the shapes and recombined them to my liking.
I used a simple font for the monogram letters.  I ended up removing that border before I cut the designs because I thought it would be too busy on the cuffs and hard to line up.  Of course I had to flip the designs before I cut them since I was cutting on heat transfer vinyl.

Finally I added pom pom trim with hot glue.  I could of sewed it to the cuff but I like the look of it glued on the topside of the cuff.  

There wasn't enough of the white pom pom trim for all four stockings at Joann Fabric so I ended up buying red trim as well.  It was a happy accident because I like the variety with the trim.

You can see in the pictures of the mantel one of the decorations that I made for my daughter Ana's baptism from this past weekend as well as the cake topper from her cake nestled into the floral.  I hope to blog on that event in the near future.  You can also see some new furniture in the last photo.  Those are Agen chairs from Ikea.  I am currently in the process of making cushions for those chairs so I hope to blog on that and the rest of the new additions to the living room soon (which includes a new light fixture and a sectional).  I have also been doing a lot of Christmas sewing in addition to these stocking which include Christmas pjs for the girls, harem pants and a bandana bib for Ana, and a soft structure doll carrier for Lyla.  So many future projects to blog about!  Handmade holidays are the best!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fireplace Makeover

I am so excited about today's post.  From the minute that I walked into our home before we bought it I knew that this fireplace could be something amazing.  Today I am excited to tell you that I made it that way by using only paint (and a stencil)!

The living room started like this.  The purple walls and the dark wood trim made the room so dark (it is dark anyway since there is no overhead lighting. When we first saw this room before we bought the house the previous owners had a giant entertainment center in the corner where the piano is now that was blocking that window by the fireplace so it was even darker! By just changing the wall color (I chose Behr Silver Drop for this room) and painting the trim white the room became dramatically lighter.  We just got an overhead light fixture installed so I can't wait to share how that changes things too.
The walls and trim made the room look so much more modern but the fireplace was a giant dated piece in the room.  Originally I wanted to rip all of that stone off and do something like shiplap but that would be messy and time consuming.  Plus using the existing materials is so much less wasteful.  So after a lot of Pinterest research I started to form a vision of what this fireplace could become.  I knew that I wanted the stone to be white.  I had played around with the idea of just white washing the stone but I know that bright white was what I really wanted it.
I started by cleaning the stone with vinegar and water and a scrub brush.
Then I primed the stone using Kilz 2 latex primer.  I have never used this primer before but I liked how thick it was. I used the fluffiest roller insert that I could find to get in all of the crevices on the stones.  I had to use a brush to get in the the cracks between the stones and it was a huge pain in the butt.
I used a cheap brush at first and totally destroyed it after priming just one side of the stone.  Later I used a 1.5" Purdy brush that I already had and it worked so much better and I was able to prime the other sides and paint the whole fireplace white before it was as bad as this brush was.
While I had the primer out I figured that it made sense to go ahead and prime the mantel piece too.  This primer worked great over the wood too.  I did give it a light sanding before priming.

Next I painted the stone and wood piece with Behr Ultra White in satin.
At this point you may have noticed that I removed that lovely brassy piece with the doors.  I wanted to get rid of the brass so I painted it with Rustoleum High Heat paint in BBQ Black.

This paint is oil based and smells very strong.  It took two coat to cover the metal.  In some lights it almost looks more like an oil rubbed bronze than a black.

After cleaning the tile I painted it with Rustoleum Chalked in Linen White.  I painted the grout as well.  It took two coats to cover.  This paint isn't really white at all.  It is almost more of a very light gray.
You can see the difference between this paint and Behr Ultra white where I accidentally painted a little bit of the wood piece.  I didn't really mind the contrast thankfully so I just went with it.  I'm glad it was this color instead of turning out to be a yellowy off white.  This is my first time using chalk paint (and probably the last) but it seemed to make the most sense for this application.
Next I used this lovely stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils called Santa Ana Tile Stencil.  It is the 12" size.  I taped over the grout because I wanted to make sure it stayed white.  This isn't my first stenciling project of course.  Stenciling is one of my favorite ways to add details and interest to a project.

Stenciling the walls in our dining room was one of the very first projects on this blog.  I loved that room!

I stenciled the tops of the night stands in our bedroom.
I made my own stencil with my Silhouette Portrait and stenciled the backs of these chairs.

And I stenciled these storage boxes.  You can find many other examples of stenciling throughout my blog.
 I used Rustoleum Chalked in Charcoal for the pattern.
This was probably the hardest stenciling project I've had because of all the partial tiles I had to do.

It was so hard to bend the stencil into some of these small spaces.
So I had to make my own mini stencils to finish the project.
After touching it up it all turned out pretty nice.  The last step was just to apply two coats of Minwax Polycrylic over the tile and the top of the mantel.  I put the polycrylic on top of the mantel because I knew it would get the most abuse with changing out the decor frequently with the seasons.
Then of I put the door piece back in.  Here's a reminder of what I started with again:
It is such a drastic difference!

Then I just pulled out some random decor and styled the mantel.
This is the view I now have from the dining room table!  Note the cute baby on the playmat in this shot.  Also that door looks like it is painted the same color as the walls but it is really just a very dingy white because I haven't painted it yet.  Here is the whole side of that room now:
 That skyline painting is on the floor because I don't know where I want it yet.  Eventually I want to get two accent chairs to put in front of the fireplace.
I am so glad that I got this project done before the Christmas season because I can just imagine the stockings hanging from the mantel!  

I'm not sure what will be next up on the blog but there will be two more big changes in this room in the near future and I have a big list of sewing projects that I want to finish.  I hope you like my new fireplace as much as I do!

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